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Whether you are a resident, a current or potential business owner, or you are thinking about visiting us (or living here!), we hope you find this website to be helpful. Please take some time to navigate the site and learn about the village – and please give us your feedback.

As the Mayor, it is not hard for me to say that Dobbs Ferry is a special place ... because it is true. While we are located close to the greatest metropolitan city in the world, the village has the charm and quaintness of an historic 'Rivertown'. We also have a rich diversity of residents who volunteer and work together giving their time to make Dobbs Ferry an even better place to live and visit. We welcome visitors to come and enjoy our village, or if you might consider it as a potential place to call home.

Geographically, the village is located along the eastern shore of the Hudson River, about 20 miles north of New York City . From our waterfront areas to the hills that slope to the east above, the area offers the spectacular views of the lower Hudson River Valley; with the cliffs of the palisades as backdrop to the west, the sunset views year-around are sometimes breathtaking. With its own Train Station House and stop on the Metro North Hudson River train line, Dobbs Ferry resident commuters enjoy the most relaxing river-view express service straight into Manhattan 's mid-town at Grand Central Station (35-40 minutes). Travel by car is also convenient with an exit on the Saw Mill River Parkway, allowing easy access for all routes into New York City, or all points north and west including the George Washington and Tappan Zee bridges.

Historically, Dobbs Ferry has played an important part in America's past. The village actually got its name from a river ferry service that was established by John Dobbs and operated from 1698-1759. The service ran from a spot that is today called Willow Point on the Dobbs Ferry side of the river across to Sneden's Landing on the western side. In August of 1781 – in the 7th year of the American Revolution War - Continental Army troops led by General George Washington were encamped in Dobbs Ferry and neighboring localities. Washington 's decision to divert these troops on a long march to Virginia led to the engagement at Yorktown of the large British forces of General Cornwallis; a long siege that ended in defeat for the British, and was the final decisive military event in the Revolutionary War. The famous Meade House is now home to the Dobbs Ferry Historical Society, just off the old aqueduct walking and biking trail that runs through the heart of the village, and connecting the Rivertowns together. Estherwood Estate, where Teddy Roosevelt grew up as a kid in the 1870s, and the Little White Cemetery (1810) are just a few of the other examples of the historical attractions to experience in Dobbs Ferry.

Today, Dobbs Ferry has a population of approximately 11,000 with about 3700 households. We have one of the most highly recognized Public School Districts in the Country; starting with the Springhurst Elementary School, through the Dobbs Ferry Middle School and High School; offering the highest quality education designed to empower all levels of students; with small class sizes, a full IB diploma program, and a history of pride and success on the sports fields, Dobbs Ferry's children get an educational experience that is 2nd to none.

Dobbs Ferry is home to the Masters School , a private coed day and boarding school (5-12) famous for its rigorous college preparatory curriculum and situated on a majestic 96-acre campus. We are also a college town with the main campus of Mercy College and its library of over 215,000 volumes within our borders overlooking the Hudson River.; as a community, we are also proud to have Children's Village and St. Chris.

We have great businesses and shops to visit, and the village is famous for its diverse selection of fine dining establishments. Whether you want to sip on a refreshment along the Hudson River in the most spectacular setting (with the Palisades and the Manhattan skyline to the south in your view), or sample the best Sushi in Westchester County, or sit along the sidewalks downtown enjoying the best Italian, or Indian, or Greek, or Mexican, or American (did we forget anything) cuisine anywhere ... you will have a truly great experience in Dobbs Ferry.

Thank you for visiting our website ... please give us your feedback ... and please come and enjoy our village of Dobbs Ferry in person!


Hartley Connett

Not too long ago, the picture in the banner of the previous Newsletter showed the Hudson River almost completely covered in thick ice; it looked like a scene from another frozen world. It is nice to see a different picture today.

Held yesterday, the annual Youth Little League Parade is always the first marker each year that Spring has arrived in the Village. It was a very good sign that the kids and coaches and moms and dads - led safely by officers of the DFPD and members of the Volunteer Fire Department - marched in almost perfect weather to Memorial Park. Spring is here! .. good luck to all the kids for a fun baseball season, and to all the youth in the village who will be busy during the spring in many different activities.

Here is a quick Spring Update on things going on in the village, projects in process, and some dates and activities coming up:

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The picture above looks like it might be from Antarctica, or a frozen tundra somewhere far away. But it is not. It is a view of the Hudson River from the shores of Dobbs Ferry two days ago. Amazing. People who have lived in Dobbs Ferry a long time can remember when the river would freeze over; its been a long time since that happened, until now. February 2015 will go down as one of the coldest months ever recorded in New York; snow fall amounts will likely make the record books too. While the conditions have been very difficult outdoors, the village DPW Highway and Garbage Teams have done a tremendous job keeping the roads clear and the neighborhoods clean; and Police Officers and Public Safety are serving us 24/7 during these cold days and nights. We really appreciate the work they do on behalf of the residents, especially now. Thanks to all.


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Dear Residents,
Here is a quick Fall Update to report on recent actions by the board of trustees, new projects and ongoing initiatives, and some dates and reminders for village events coming up. Happy Halloween to everyone!

Waterfront Park and Train Station Projects
Work on the Waterfront Park has made significant process in the past month. The southern portion of the park at Willow Point is probably the most notable in terms of progress; you can now get a sense for how beautiful and impressive the park will look when completed; most of the pathways have been completed; the sail has been installed above the new permanent outdoor theatre stage; extensive new grading and landscaping and green grass is evident throughout the entire park; new topsoil has been laid on the Great Lawn at the northern end. The fishing pier is almost completely finished and work on the new boat dock extending from Willow Point will begin soon. The current timeline will keep the park closed for the remainder of the year with a re-opening dedication to be planned for next spring (2015).

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Dear Residents,

We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and that your family's holiday season is getting off to a good start.

Here are some nice events coming up in Dobbs Ferry and a few dates to mark on your calendars:

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Here is a quick midsummer update on things going on in the village, projects, initiatives, and some dates to mark on the calendar.

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