Nominating Committee

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The Village Nominating Committee purpose is to seek and interview residents of the village interested in serving the community on a Board, Commission, or Committee and to recommend the names of qualified, interested residents to the Village Board of Trustees for consideration. The decision to appointment ultimately lies with the Village Board of Trustees.

The Nominating Committee will recommend persons deemed qualified on the basis of their experience, training and other qualifications for appointment by the Board without regard to age, sex, or political affiliation.

The Nominating Committee is non-partisan. There are members from all parts of the Village with different backgrounds and experiences. Members are appointed annually by the Village Board for a one year term. The members vote each year for a chair. The Committee meets every second Wednesday of the month in the DF Village Court at 7:30 p.m. where interviews of candidates for the various active Village Boards, Commissions and Committees take place.

The interviews consist of the prospective volunteer telling the Committee his/her particular interest in serving the community and the various members seeking related needed information about his/her possible role in the position desired. A resume is requested. After the interview, the Committee discusses, votes to recommend or to refer the Candidates for another position.