Youth Services Council

HISTORY: In 1975 the Narcotics Guidance Council, the Youth Committee and the Dobbs Ferry Employment services combined to create the Dobbs Ferry Youth Services Council.
MISSION: YSC purpose is to improve quality of life of Dobbs Ferry youth-identify and address needs, provide leadership, enable adults and young people to work together.
FUNCTIONS: Some features are:
-substance abuse education
-youth and adult leadership training
-development of workshops and discussions groups for youth, adults and school
-cooperation with Recreation Department, Youth Officer, schools, environmental and other community groups to meet needs of Village youth.
-transmission of youth ideas and concerns to the village
-development of and/or support of other timely , useful projects
MEMBERSHIP: The Council shall consist of nine (9) adult members, preferably to include a physician, lawyer and clergy person. Members will be suggested by the Village Nominating Committee and appointed by the Dobbs ferry Board of Trustees for a three (3) year term.
Ex-officio members of the council shall include:
-at least four (4) youth between the ages of fourteen (14) and twenty-one (21)
-Director or designee of the Recreation department
-Representative of the High School
-School Student Assistance Counselor
-Youth Officer
-a liaison member of the Village Board of Trustees
The Council shall create sub-committees when needed, such committee to include both youth and adults, not necessarily YSC voting members.
Monthly meetings will be arranged by the Chairperson who, with approval and/or request of four (4) Council members may call additional meetings or cancel meetings. Members will be notified of meetings canceled because of inclement weather.