Rivertowns Square

Information regarding this project is provided on this site to ensure that interested persons are kept fully informed regarding issues that may arise out of the proposed development.  The Village Board of Trustees has declared Lead Agency status under SEQRA and issued a "positive" declaration under SEQRA requiring the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement ("EIS") to fully analyze the project, its potential impacts and explore ways to mitigate defined impacts.

No decision will be made regarding the project until the environmental review process is complete.  Some of the information on the site has been provided by the applicant and will be subject to full review and potential modification by the Board of Trustees as Lead Agency.



            Please Take Notice that the Village Board Trustees of the Village of Dobbs Ferry will hold public hearings commencing at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 28, 2013, in Village Hall, 112 Main Street Dobbs Ferry, New York, to hear and consider:

1)         The application of Saber Dobbs Ferry LLC and Lincoln Dobbs Ferry LLC, as Co-Applicants, for site plan approval of the mixed-use commercial and residential development project known as “Rivertowns Square” and located at Stanley Avenue, Danforth Avenue, Livingstone Avenue, Ogden Avenue and Lawrence Street, Dobbs Ferry, New York;

2)         Proposed amendments to the Official Map of the Village to (a) discontinue portions of the rights-of-way of Stanley Avenue, Danforth Avenue, Livingstone Avenue, and Ogden Avenue, and (b) change the lay-out of the rights-of-way of Stanley Avenue, Danforth Avenue, Livingstone Avenue, Ogden Avenue and Lawrence Street;

3)         The proposed transfer by the Village of approximately 20,586 square feet of land to Saber Dobbs Ferry LLC in exchange for the transfer by Saber Dobbs Ferry LLC to the Village of approximately 31,063 square feet of land, in furtherance of the foregoing proposed amendments to Official Map of the Village;

4)         If requested by Lincoln Dobbs Ferry LLC, the grant by the Village of a temporary license agreement permitting Lincoln Dobbs Ferry LLC to access and use Village land during the construction of the residential building, subject to the obligation to restore the land after construction is completed; and

5)         To review and consider Resolution 8-2013 of the Planning Board of the Village of Dobbs Ferry recommending site plan approval of the Rivertowns Square project.

All interested parties are invited to attend and be heard.  When the item is called you may appear either in person, or by agent or attorney, and present any verbal and/or written comments you may have. 

By Order of the Village Board of the Village of Dobbs Ferry

Elizabeth A. Dreaper
Village Clerk

Dated: May 24, 2013

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