Stormwater Management


The Village of Dobbs Ferry is committed to the availability and transmission of educational stormwater information to its residents, contractors working within the Village, and any other interested parties. 

A primary factor of the Village's stormwater management plan is the identification and monitoring of outfalls. An outfall is the discharge point of a waste stream into a body of water; alternatively it may be the outlet of a river, drain or a sewer where it discharges into the sea, a lake or the like. Monitoring outfalls entails the performing of inspections to ensure that anything entering into a larger body of water is clean and free of pollutants. 

On a continuing basis, Village staff will be logging the locations of any identified outfalls. As a private citizen, if you are aware of the location of an outfall, please contact the Superintendent of Public Works, Gary Gardner.  


Contact Information

Gary Gardner - General Foreman, DPW 

(914) 231-8507

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