Westchester Power Community Energy Program

The Village of Dobbs Ferry has once again joined 26 other municipalities in Westchester County in participation in the Westchester Power Community Energy Program. Renewal notices were sent out in November 2020 and provide residents the opportunity to opt out of the program if they so choose. If residents opted out when the Village first enrolled in the program in 2018, they will not receive a renewal notification for the new contract. However, residents can choose to opt in or opt out of the program at any time by contacting Westchester Power.

The new contract secures the following fixed rates for the next 18 months:

  • 7.405 cents per kwh for the 100% renewable supply
  • 6.745 cents per kwh for the residential standard supply
  • 7.100 cents per kwh for the commercial green supply
  • 6.445 cents per kwh for the commercial standard supply 

A fixed rate for electricity supply helps make charges more predictable and avoids frequent price spikes at times of highest use.

The Village has opted to enroll in the 100% renewable supply option along with 22 other Westchester municipalities. Since the program began in 2016, participants have helped offset 660,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent to taking 142,600 cars off the road for 1 year or growing 10.9 million tree seedlings for 10 years. 

Because the program relies on bulk purchasing, the program design is an opt-out model. This means that all Dobbs Ferry residents who have not already contracted with an energy supplier different from Con Ed (a separate ESCO) are automatically enrolled into the 100% renewable supply option of program as they were when the Village first enrolled in 2018. Residents who opted out of the program previously will not receive the renewal notification.

Ways to opt out: 

The following are answers to frequently asked questions about the program. Additional information along with contacts if you have additional questions can be found below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Westchester Power? Westchester Power is a program of Sustainable Westchester, a not-for-profit municipal consortium providing clean 100% renewable energy at a competitive price. The program began in May 2016 and, as of October 2019, has 27 participating municipalities and 115,000 customers.

How was I enrolled & why was it an opt-out program? Our municipality has designated Westchester Power as the default energy supplier. We vetted and approved the program as an alternative to confusing ESCO offerings, and as a cost-effective means of bringing more renewable energy to the community and making a positive environmental impact. The opt-out structure ensures that Westchester Power was able to fully leverage the collective buying clout of all participating municipalities.

Was I notified? Prior to our municipality’s commitment, a series of community information sessions were held, media postings took place, and a direct mail information packet was sent to your home (the most recent address on record via Con Ed).

Will I save money, and what is the benefit of this vs. Con Ed? Westchester Power’s FIXED rate supply is insurance against utility rate spikes and the volatility and unpredictable nature of energy trading prices. That also means that savings cannot be guaranteed however. During the first three years of the program, participating customers paid less than the utilities and during the past year and a half they paid more. Of course Con Ed supplies are primarily fossil fuel based; when compared to other renewable energy offerings, Westchester Power rates are consistently among the lowest available for 100% renewable electricity supply offerings of comparable terms.Specific rates and historical information on pricing can be found at www.sustainablewestchester.org/wp.

Why does my bill show Constellation New Energy as the supplier? Constellation won the bid for Sustainable Westchester’s Westchester Power program in the Con Edison municipalities. While they provide the energy, the program is facilitated, administered, and managed by Sustainable Westchester, a community resource.

Is Westchester Power an ESCO? No, Westchester Power is not a commercial endeavor. They will never cold-call you and solicit your account information or payment over the phone. There are not low “teaser rates” that get increased without your knowledge, and you will never be asked to sign a contract. Information that is mailed to you by Westchester Power will also include our municipal seal, so you can be assured it is authentic.

Why does my bill now have two different charges on it? Two components make up rates for your utility bill. Supply refers to the source of the actual energy and delivery refers to how it gets to you (the lines, etc.). You were always paying these two charges, but now the Westchester Power supplier, Constellation New Energy, shows as the energy supplier instead of Con Ed providing both components.

How can I better understand my bill? Sustainable Westchester has invited anyone who might want assistance to understand their bill to reach out to them directly at 914.242.4725 (Mon-Fri 9-5). They are happy to spend as much time with you as need.

Who services my account if there are power outages, emergencies, etc.? Con Ed will continue to provide all of those delivery services and maintenance. They are required by law to provide the same level of service to all customers regardless of where they choose to get their energy supply.

How can I find out more? You are invited to call Sustainable Westchester at their Mount Kisco offices 914.242.4725; 9-5 Monday-Friday. Messages left after business hours will be answered the next business day. You can also find more information at www.sustainablewestchester.org/wp, or email westchesterpower@sustainablewestchester.org with your questions.

Can I opt-out? Yes, you may revert to Con Ed or switch to a commercial supplier (ESCO) of your choosing at any point without any fees or cancellation charges. You have the same choices you always had (and one more – Westchester Power). You can opt-out online by visiting www.sustainablewestchester.org/wp or by calling the Sustainable Westchester office at 914.242.4725. It is important to note that it may take up to two billing cycles for you to see the FINAL change. This is solely dependent on where you are in your billing cycle when you initiate the opt-out and the schedule of your next meter read by Con Ed.

Additional Information:

    Here is an additional FAQ about Westchester Power and the CCA program. 

    Spanish language information here and here.

    Here is the letter you should expect to receive in the mail from Westchester Power.

    Here is the presentation that Westchester Power gave at the October 13, 2020 Board meeting about the results of the contract bid process.

    Sustainable Westchester's Westchester Power Website has additional information, explainers and videos.

    Please feel free to get in touch with questions about the program. Contact Westchester Power at (914) 242-4725 or you can email afasman@dobbsferry.com or call (914) 400-5965.