Gould Park Pool

Pool memberships are open for registration! For the 2021 pool season, we are returning to pool memberships exclusively for entry to the pool. There will be no "pay as you go" for swimming like last year. 
Membership allows entry into the pool area every day the pool is open during the 2021 summer season. At this time, non-resident memberships will not be allowed but may change in the coming weeks. The Dobbs Ferry Recreation Department reserves the right to close the pool and adjust pool policies at any time due to variable conditions.
At this time, online pool membership registration has ended. If you still wish to purchase a membership, you may do so in person either at the pool or at the Recreation Department office in Memorial Park.
To view the 2021 pool brochure, CLICK HERE.
Pool Floats & Toys Policy -Pool floats to lay on are not allowed in the pool area. Pool toys (ie. buckets and shovels) are only allowed in the little kid section of the pool. Beach balls, squirt guns, kick boards, pool noodles are NOT allowed in the pool! 
*If your child uses pool floaties in the pool, it needs to be a coast guard approved device (ie. puddle jumpers). 
Food & Beverage Policy - Food & Beverage are allowed into the pool area. NO glass or alcohol is allowed in the pool area. There is a designated seating area to eat, NO food or drink is permitted on the pool deck. 
Smoking Policy - There is absolutely no smoking/vaping allowed in the pool facility.
Inclement Weather Policy - The Dobbs Ferry Recreation Department reserves the right to close the pool due to inclement weather. If there is thunder and lightning, the pool area will be cleared and remain cleared for 30 min from the last thunder/lightning event.