Board of Trustees Meeting

Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - 6:30pm




APRIL 10, 2018


6:30 pm:     Open Public Meeting and consider motion to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss personnel                       and legal issues.

7:30 pm:     Regular Meeting to commence.

Pledge of Allegiance

Prayer:       Trustee Rossillo.

Public Hearing:

1.  Public hearing to amend parking restrictions on Stanley Avenue.

2.  Public hearing on the 2018/2019 Tentative Budget.

Presentation:  (Please limit presentations to no more than 7 minutes)

1.  Presentation on the 2018/2019 Tentative Budget.

2.  Presentation by Trustee Knell on the creation of a Downtown Improvement Task Force to bring together residents and local businesses to help attract new business to the downtown district.

Courtesy of the Floor  (Please limit comments to no more than 3 minutes)

Matters Requiring Action:

1.  Consider an application to legalize the 5th dwelling unit at 364 Ashford Avenue.

2.  Referral from the Building Inspector to consider referral of application to the Planning Board for site plan approval to replace the structure at 41 Cedar Street with a new mixed use building.

3.  Consider a motion to approve Audits #1 and #2 for April 2018 as recommended by the Village Treasurer.

4.  Consider a resolution to authorize the Village Treasurer to sign a Cooperative Investment Agreement with NYCLASS.

5.  Consider a motion to establish the Downtown Improvement Task Force and to appoint the following people as members for a term of one year:  Ms. Maggie Segrich, Ms. Melissa Lauprete, Ms. Megan O’Halloran, Ms. Bonnie Mazza, Mr. Ed Hardesty and Ms. Theresa Ferraro; and Trustee Christy Knell as Trustee Liaison.

6.  Consider a motion to approve amended Dobbs Ferry Fire Department By-laws as recommended by Mr. Edward Knecht/Secretary of the Dobbs Ferry Fire Department.

7.  Consider a motion to authorize the Police Chief to sign an updated Parking Ticket Management Services Agreement with Complus Data Innovations.

8.  Consider a motion to approve contract with Tim Miller Associates in an amount not to exceed $7,400, using escrow funds supplied by the developer of Rivertowns Square, for environmental testing of Chauncey Park.

9.  Consider a motion to authorize the Village Administrator to enter into an agreement with Aquattic Pools & Water Parks, Inc. for the Gould Park Pool design.

10.  Consider a motion to authorize the Village Administrator to sign the 2017-2018 Stormwater Annual Report.


1.  March 27, 2018

Correspondence and Claims