Board of Trustees Meeting

Event Date: 
Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 6:30pm




OCTOBER 24, 2017

6:30 pm:     Open Public Meeting and consider motion to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss personnel  


7:30 pm:     Regular Meeting to commence.

Prayer:       Deputy Mayor Golio.

Oath of Office:

1.  Consider a motion to promote Police Officer Vincenzo DePaola to the position of Police Sergeant effective October 25, 2017 at 0000 Hours for an annual salary of $126,490.00, as recommended by Police Chief Manuel Guevara; and Mayor Connett to administer the Oath of Office to Police Sergeant Vincenzo DePaola.

Public Hearing:

1.  Continuation of public hearing for the purposes of consideration of an application to amend the Official Village Map renaming Livingstone Street as Stone Street.

2.  Public hearing to amend Village Code §290-28 On-street parking restrictions, to add parking restrictions on Clinton Avenue.

Courtesy of the Floor

Matters Requiring Action:

1.  Consider a motion to promote Stephen Trezza to General Foreman for an annual salary of $91,399.00.

2.  Consider a motion to promote Daniel Gardner as Parks Maintenance Foreman within the Parks Department for an annual salary of $83,522.00.

3.  Consider a motion to appoint Jennifer Dorman to the position of Senior Office Assistant for an annual salary of $59,564.80.

4.  Consider a motion to approve the County transfer of the 4.4 acres of Chauncey Park to the Village for $1.00.

5.  Consider a motion to approve Audits #3 and #4 for October 2017 as recommended by the Village Treasurer.

6.  Consider a motion to accept the Village Justice Court Annual Audit for fiscal year ending May 31, 2017.


1.  October 10, 2017

Correspondence and Claims