Board of Trustees - Organization Meeting

Event Date: 
Monday, December 4, 2017 - 6:30pm






1.Meeting called to order by the Village Clerk.

2.Administer Oath of Office to Village Justice David Koenigsberg.

3.Administer Oath of Office to Mayor Bob McLoughlin.

4.Pledge of Allegiance and prayer by Mayor McLoughlin.

5.Administer Oath of Office to Trustee Vincent Rossillo.

6.Administer Oath of Office to Trustee Maura Daroczy.

7.Administer Oath of Office to Trustee Christy Sheppard Knell.

8.Mayor’s appointment of Trustee Donna Cassell as Deputy Mayor.

9.Consider a motion to appoint Darius Chafizadeh as the Attorney for the Village.

10.Consider a motion to appoint Charlene Indelicato as Budget Officer, to run concurrent with her position of Village Administrator.

11.Consider a motion to appoint Robert Harwood as Acting Village Justice for a term of one year.

12.Consider a motion to appoint Bonnie Fisher as Vehicle & Traffic Prosecutor for a term of one year.

13.Consider a motion to appoint Dr. Richard Borkow as Village Historian for a term of one year.

14.Consider a motion to appoint Joy Haber as Greenburgh Liaison for a term of one year.

15.Consider a motion to appoint Don Marra as CDBG Representative for a term of one year.

16.Consider a motion to appoint Don Marra as Children’s Village Representative for a term of one year.

17.Consider a motion to appoint Neil DePasquale as Chairman of the Conservation Advisory Board for a term of three years; and Trustee Donna Cassell/Member of the Board of Trustees, Stephen Hunter/Chairman of the Planning Board, Darius Chafizadeh/Attorney for the Village, each for a term of one year.

18.Consider a motion to appoint Christine Kerecz-Maiocchi as a regular member of the Ethics Board for a term of five years.

19.Consider a motion to appoint Ellen Crane, Rishi Gupta, Annamaria Kanakaraj, Nancy Kean, Emma Lou Louis, Miriam Mauzerall, Paula McCarthy, Sharon McCann Doyle, Bill Singleton, Adam Speilberger, Heather Stifanic and Dale Unterman as regular members of the Nominating Committee, each for a term of one year.

20.Consider a motion to appoint Anna Markowitz as the 1st Alternate member of the Planning Board for a term of one year.

21.Consider a motion to appoint Gary Annicchiarico as Chairman of the Traffic Committee; and Robert Baron, Bradley Bolke, Brian Mitchell, Larry Murphy, and Ann Zincke, as regular members, and Police Officer Travis Colvin/Police Department Liaison, Trustee Donna Cassell/Public Safety Committee of the Board of Trustees-Ex-Officio, Manuel Guevara/Chief of Police - Ex-Officio, Christopher Denike/Fire Chief - Ex-Officio, each for a term of one year.

22.Consider a motion to appoint Lisa Bai as Chair of the Youth Services Council; and Emma Lou Louis as a regular member each for a term of three years; and Trustee Maura Daroczy/Village Trustee – Ex-Officio, Patricia Giuliano/School Representative – Ex-Officio, Police Sergeant Justin Kamke/Youth Officer – Ex-Officio and Kendra Garrison/Superintendent of Recreation – Ex-Officio,  each for a term of one year.

23.Consider a motion to appoint Joe Capasso as the 1st Alternate member of the Zoning Board of Appeals for a term of one year.

24.Appoint Mary Gerber as Chair of the Beautification Committee; and Robin Allen, Diane Falk, Susan Klosek, Mary Vecchione, Susan Weisenberg and Betsy Westrell as regular members, each for a term of one year.

25.Appoint Paul Sterne as Chairman of the Budget Committee and Bruce Catania, David Oakes and James Stone as regular members, each for a term of one year.

26.Appoint Nina Orville as Chair of the Energy Task Force and Denise Woodin/Secretary, Robert Baron, Cathy Bobenhausen, Anilla Cherian, Kathy Dean, Susan DeGeorge, Ron DiRusso, and Paddy Steinschneider and as regular members, each for a term of one year.

27.Appoint Mayor Bob McLoughlin as Chairman & Trustee Liaison of the Facilities Committee; and Trustee Sullivan as Vice Chair & Alternate Trustee Liaison; and Charlene Indelicato/Village Administrator, Ed Manley/Building Inspector, Joe Lucasey/Parks and Recreation Committee member, Abby Connett/Senior Advocate, Cathy Kay/Senior Advisory Committee Member, Bill Florin/Commander American Legion Post 1048, Paul Monte/Zoning Board of Appeals Member and Joy Haber/Village Resident as regular members, each for a term of one year.

28.Appoint Paddy Steinschneider, Joe Rooney, Alexandra Charnas and Maggie Segrich as regular members of the Ferry Festa Committee, each for a term of one year.

29.Appoint Sonya Terjanian as Chair of the Historic District Task Force; and Madeline Byrne, Nick Capuano, Ruth Gastel, Stephen Hunter, Steve Tilly, Julia Unger as regular members; and Dwight Douglas/Village Planning Consultant, Ed Manley/Building Inspector and Mike Patino/AHRB Chairman, each for a term of one year.

30.Appoint Abby Connett as Chair of the Senior Advocacy Committee and Pierrette Rissland/Senior Advocate, Kendra Garrison/Superintendent of Recreation, Sid Eudene, Catherine Kay, Molly Rodriguez and Roz Navarro as regular members, each for a term of one year.

31.Trustee Liaison Assignments 2017-2018 

Ambulance Corps                                                 Trustee Rossillo

Architectural & Historic Review Board               Trustee Rossillo

Beautification Committee                                     Trustee Daroczy

Board of Education                                              Mayor McLoughlin

Budget Committee                                               Trustee Taylor

Chamber of Commerce                                         Trustee Knell

Conservation Advisory Board                              Trustee Cassell

Energy Task Force                                                Trustee Taylor

Ethics Board                                                         Trustee Rossillo

Ferry Festa Committee                                         Trustee Knell

Fire Department                                                    Mayor McLoughlin

Historic Hudson River Towns                              All

Housing Board of Appeals                                   Trustee Sullivan

Library Board                                                       Trustee Sullivan

Nominating Committee                                        Trustee Knell

Parks and Recreation Commission                     Trustee Sullivan

Planning Board                                                    Trustee Cassell

Police Department                                               Mayor McLoughlin

Rivertowns Arts Council                                      Trustee Knell

Senior Advocacy Committee                                Trustee Sullivan

Traffic Committee                                                 Trustee Cassell

Tree Commission                                                  Trustee Daroczy

Youth Services Council                                        Trustee Daroczy

Zoning Board of Appeals                                     Trustee Rossillo

32. Mayor McLoughlin to announce Official Depositories of the Village: J.P. Morgan Chase, Tompkins Mahopac Bank and Wells Fargo

33. Motion to consider a resolution establishing a fixed rate for mileage reimbursement to Village officers and employees who use their personal automobiles while performing their official duties on behalf of the Village at the annually approved IRS rate.  

34.Mayor McLoughlin to authorize to continue the investment and procurement policies as recommended by the State of New York and as previously adopted by the Board of Trustees.

35.Mayor McLoughlin to announce that the Official Newspaper is The Rivertowns Enterprise and the Alternate Official Newspaper when The Rivertowns Enterprise does not publish is The Journal News.

36.Mayor McLoughlin to announce Village information is available on the Internet at and on Cablevision Channel 75 and Verizon Channel 46. 

37.Mayor McLoughlin to announce that the official records of the Board of Trustees will continue to be the minutes of the Board of Trustees.

38.Mayor McLoughlin to announce the regular meetings of the Board of Trustees on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m., with the exception of July, August and December which will have one meeting per month on a date to be scheduled one month prior to the meetings.  The date for the December 2017 meeting is December 19, 2017.  Meetings for the April Budget Hearing and Budget Adoption and any additional Budget related Public Hearings/Public Meetings are to be scheduled at a future date.  

39.Mayor McLoughlin to announce that the current procedures for the guidelines for the Board of Trustees agenda and meetings will remain in effect. 

40.Closing remarks by Mayor McLoughlin.