Village Parking Fee Payments to Resume May 1, 2023

We are excited to share that the Village of Dobbs Ferry’s new parking system launches on May 1, 2023.

Payment will once again be required to park in all signed areas of the downtown, as well as all Village parking lots.

Our new parking system reflects careful consideration of resident, business and visitor concerns, as well as the recommendations of a professional parking consultant. We believe that these changes will simplify use for residents and visitors alike, foster turnover for merchants, and streamline the permitting system.   We are confident that the tweaks and updates to parking will make our community an easier place to live and do business.


The Village has implemented two ways to pay.   Payments can be made via the Parkmobile app on your phone, or at any of the parking payment kiosks located in the downtown area and the Village parking lots.   All kiosks take coins and credit cards.  The kiosks in the parking lots also take dollar bills, but no change is given.

Free 15 minute quick stop parking.   If you just need to make a quick stop into one of the downtown shops, parking is on us for 15 minutes!  NOTE:  You must enter the information into the Parkmobile app or the parking kiosk to have the fee waived.

Parking will be enforced by license plate, not parking space.   This minor change in the way parking is enforced will make parking significantly easier for those shopping in the downtown!   All of Main and Cedar Streets are now one “parking zone”, which means you can move your car anywhere within the zone for the parking duration that you have chosen and not have to keep feeding a meter every time you move the car.   You can now pick up dinner at the end of Main Street, stop at the library to return books, pick up your dry cleaning and a birthday gift at a shop on Cedar Street without taking the time to put a quarter in four different parking meters along the way. 

Time limits are simplified!  Turning over parking spaces in the downtown is crucial for our local businesses to thrive, so we have created a 2/3/12 parking time limit format – the closer you are to the downtown, the shorter the time parking is allowed.  Parking limits on Main and Cedar Streets are limited to two hours to allow more people to shop local.   If you will be in the downtown for a longer time, say dinner or a birthday party, a short walk to the tree streets (Elm, Oak, Chestnut) or one of the Oak Street or Village Hall parking lots will allow you 3 hour parking.   Long term 12 hour parking is available in the Cedar Street Lot and along Palisade and High Streets.    NOTE:   Once you have reached the time limit in any given parking zone, you must vacate that parking zone for at least an hour before starting a new parking session, so you should choose your parking location based on the longest time that you think you will need to be there.

Downtown residents and merchants who require more than two hours of parking are eligible to purchase permits to park in the Village parking lots.

Enforcement Hours

Enforcement hours are:

Monday through Saturday, 9am through 8pm for:

Elm, Oak, Chestnut Street

Main and Cedar Streets

All Village Lots

Monday through Friday, 5am through 6pm for:

Palisade and High Streets

Permits   Current parking permits are valid and will be honored through May 31, 2023.   New permits will be available in early May; details about permitting changes will follow shortly.

Questions??   We have created a new dedicated email address, just to answer your parking questions!   Funneling your concerns through one means of contact will allow us to see patterns in the community’s concerns and enable us to more efficiently address any issues that could arise.   We look forward to hearing from you at

We appreciate your patience these last few months as we worked to improve the parking experience in our community and look forward to your cooperation as things return to normal on May 1.