Commuter Bus to Resume Operations

Commuter Bus to Resume Operations

Commuter Bus to Resume Operations

Effective March 4th, 2019, the Dobbs Ferry Commuter Bus will resume afternoon operations. 

Community Service Worker Frank Rauhoffer has returned from his overseas military deployment and the Village of Dobbs Ferry is thankful for his safe and healthy return.

Shuttle operations will correspond to afternoon train arrivals at the Dobbs Ferry train station.  The Commuter Bus will run Monday through Friday, based on CSW Frank Rauhoffer’s schedule. 

Commuter Bus station pick-ups at Station Plaza will start at approximately the following times:

5:11 pm

5:40 pm

6:35 pm

7:12 pm

8:00 pm

8:32 pm

All train times are approximate, please pay attention to train schedules.

Routes will approximately remain the same as they were last year with an additional stop being added to those who park at the 99 Cedar Street parking lot.

Routes begin at:

Station Plaza to 99 Cedar Street Parking Lot and then Cedar and Main Street.

Main Street to Chestnut Street

Chestnut to Broadway

Broadway to the Dobbs Diner (Langdon Drive if necessary)

Maple Street at Storm Street

Ashford to Lefurgy Avenue

Fares will be $1.00 per ride, with ten day coupons available for purchase at the Commuter Bus.

Once again, we are happy that Frank is back and we missed him!