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The Housing Board of Appeals normally hears and determines appeals on housing violations. However, it is empowered to hear all appeals relative to the enforcement of the Village Code. The Housing Board of Appeals is empowered to charge and collect reasonable fees and to make its own rules regarding the appeals process. It is authorized by law to subpoena witnesses, records and such other information as may be relevant to the matter at issue, administer oaths, compel testimony, prescribe penalties and make orders necessary to ensure compliance with the Village Code. It may retain a formal Hearing Officer and make findings of fact and conclusions concerning its investigations. It may conduct its hearings without regard to legal rules of evidence.

The Housing Board of Appeals consists of five members, appointed by the Village Board of Trustees. The Village Board endeavors to keep membership balanced between owners and occupants of housing and between housing professionals and ordinary citizens. Each member serves a two year term. (This is done as in practice, but no provision is made in the Village Code) The terms of the members are staggered so that one or two tenures expire each year.

The Board meets as needed, at the call of the Village Code Enforcement Officer or Village Administrator.

Board Members

Name Title
Steve Gifford Regular Member
Trustee Maura Daroczy Board of Trustees Liaison