Sustainable Dobbs

Sustainable Dobbs' mission is: "To help Village government, residents, businesses and institutions become more sustainable by saving energy, using resources and renewable energy more effectively, and taking steps to become better stewards of the environment." Sustainable Dobbs promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy use, waste reduction and recycling; sustainable transportation; and appropriate land use. The group has built a strong partnership with elected officials, municipal staff, educational and not-for-profit (non-governmental) institutions, and local businesses.

Members are appointed by the Board of Trustees for a term of one year. One Trustee is designated as Liaison to Sustainable Dobbs.


Sustainable Dobbs Members

Linda StutzCo-Chair
Robert BaronCo-Chair
Jenn MurphyVice Chair
Simona ConnorRegular Member
Susan GilbertRegular Member
Nina Orville Regular Member
Carol PollackRegular Member
Janet RoseffRegular Member
Paddy SteinschneiderRegular Member
Matthew GhiorseRegular Member
Trustee Larry TaylorTrustee Liaison