Parks & Recreation Commission

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The Parks and Recreation Commission reviews and evaluates Dobbs Ferry recreation programs. It establishes fee schedules, park concession policies and recreation program priorities. The Commission gives public consideration of, and holds hearings on, suggestions, ideas and comments from residents and local organizations concerning recreation programs, plans, activities and priorities. The Commission also is responsible for development of cooperative relationships with schools and civic and community groups concerned with recreation. It develops good sportsmanship codes and safety programs in the use of recreation facilities, and has other powers given to it from time to time by the Village Board.

The Commission has the duty of annual submission of the expense and capital budget for entire the Village Recreation Department. The daily operation of the Village Recreation Department is accomplished by the Supervisor of the Recreation Department.

The Commission consists of seven members, appointed by the Village Board of Trustees. Each member serves a five year term. The members elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and other officers as needed, all to serve until the end of their term as Commission members. Members shall not serve more than two consecutive terms as Chair, Vice-Chair or Secretary. The Commission must meet monthly.

Board Members

Name Title
Joseph Lucasey Chairman
Mark Leggerio Vice Chairman
Steve Gifford Regular Member
Jill Hartnett Regular Member
Catherine Kay Regular Member
Carol Kearns Regular Member
Jay Rerrie Regular Member
Trustee Nicole Sullivan Trustee Liaison