Zoning Board of Appeals

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The ZBA is a semi-judicial body which:

  • Interprets the local zoning ordinance and makes judgments on its meaning on special cases;
  • Has authority to grant zoning "variances" which modify the use and area restrictions of a zoning ordinance where strict interpretations of the ordinance results in unusual constraints or unnecessary hardships for a property owner;
  • May administer provisions of the ordinance that involve the granting of special permits for certain uses of land;
  • Often required to interact with other boards or agencies (local, neighboring, County, State or Federal)
  • Consists of 5 Members with 3-year term; 2 alternates with 1-year term.

Board Members

Name Title
Peter Hofmann Chairman
Bruce Gombos Regular Member
Jeremy Gutman Regular Member
John Maass Regular Member
Paul Monte Regular Member
Joseph Capasso 1st Alternate Member
Trustee Christy Knell Trustee Liaison